Air Transport/Cargo

Air Transport/Cargo

Because the speed and efficiency are essential in the success of companies, we have a worldwide daily and personalized air cargo transportation service.

With worldwide coverage of more than 4000 offices, the appropriate information systems and a highly specialized technical team, we ensure effectively and consistently the highest quality in the service provided, offering the best solutions to our clients and partners in the most diverse industries.

Because not always your cargo needs to reach its destination in the shortest time. Because sometimes you need a range of services tailored to your needs or simply because, your goal combines quickness and cost savings, STPI has created new services tailored to your needs and requirements.

STPI offers new and personalized services, 100% adapted to your requirements. 

In order to provide the best air transport solutions and to stand out as the market leader, STPI has developed a solid structure:

  • Long-standing member of IATA and SNAGFA
  • Security clearances
  • Offices and warehouses in airport zones

STPI staff have expertise as diverse as it is specialized, enabling STPI to carry out various types of air transport operations:

  • Transport of large and bulky industrial equipment
  • Transport of perishable goods (foodstuffs)
  • Freight transport with cold chain control (chilled/frozen)
  • Transport of live animals
  • Special transport, "sensitive" equipment and products

STPI possesses many air transport accreditations to offer various air freight options:

  • Air Cargo
  • Air Economy
  • Air Premium
  • Air Express 
  • Service DGR
  • Service Charter
  • Service Intermodal

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Other Services

Contracts Logistics / Entreposage

Because speed is essential to the success of any business, STPI has a daily and worldwide air freight transport service.

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Critical Service

CRITICAL SERVICE is STPI’s department specializing in emergency 24/7 services, created to meet the most "critical" needs. On-call staff at our offices can be reached on a 24/7 basis.

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Specialized transport / Projects

STPI has a department specialized in the transport of exceptional cargoes, for which due to their dimensions and/or their weight, are considered indivisible and cannot be transported in conventional containers.

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Transport Maritime/Sea Freight

Thanks to our years of experience, our privileged partnerships with the world's leading shipping companies and shipping lines allow us to offer the most competitive and efficient shipping solutions.

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Transport Routier/Road Freight

Our extensive European transport network allows us to provide regular road lines and predefined transit times to the main European economic areas.

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Warehouse App

In a constantly changing world STPI has developed an innovative concept of logistics integration.

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