What we Offer



Road Freight

Our extensive European transport network allows us to ensure regular lines and with pre-defined transit times to major European industrial areas.


Sea Freight

The years of experience, the partnership relations and trust with the major global shipping companies we offer the most innovative, competitive and efficient Shipping solutions worldwide.


Air Cargo

Because the speed and efficiency are essential in the success of companies, we have a worldwide daily and personalized air cargo transportation service.


Contract Logistics

The globalization and scenario will continue to position itself as a key challenge for companies. STPI has developed an optimized concept of integrated logistics that will help us compete wherever we are.


Project Cargo

Because there are cargos that due to their dimension and /or weight are indivisible, they cannot be transported in conventional containers and they need special transportation. We have an Internal Project Cargo Department.


Critical Service

An urgent transport? Cargo with unconventional specifics? CRITICAL SERVICE by STPI is the new specialized department, created to meet your more “critical” needs, with turnkey transport solutions at your measure!

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